GreenThumb, a plant reminder app

An uncomfortable thing happened last fall as I started the Interaction Design program at Emily Carr University…there I was, really enjoying being in the classroom again, meeting people, learning new things, reinforcing theories I’d read about on blogs and in newsletters, when all of a sudden I felt blocked!! I ran into the proverbial brick wall! In our User-centred Design class we were assigned to … Continue reading GreenThumb, a plant reminder app

Blue Sky Project: a wearable app!

In January, three months into our 6-month Interaction Design Program, we began the Mobile App Design class with Thomas Girard. And what a great class that was…for so many reasons. Not only were we rested from first semester and ready to design anew, we were introduced to a true teacher in Thomas, who has recently been award with¬†two emerging scholar awards and devotes his academic … Continue reading Blue Sky Project: a wearable app!

The journey continues…

Greetings after an extended break ūüôā I’ve just completed a 6-month full-time Interaction Design Essentials program at Emily Carr University of Art and Design here in Vancouver. Relief and rest are settling in as the 15 hours of class time and 30 hours of homework each week did not leave much leeway for other pursuits…except travel-time, exercise and some sleep! The program was very intense … Continue reading The journey continues…

Interaction Design learning

After spending a number of days watching two¬†very informative webinars on CreativeLive I decided it was in my best interest to summarize them to reinforce their messages and organize my thoughts. Luckily there was overlap and it was great to hear different perspectives and reiterations of key points! First I’ll highlight notable¬†take-aways from each webinar and then I’ll point out overarching principles mentioned in both. … Continue reading Interaction Design learning

Collecting art is a must!

Purses have been tight of late as savings are being funnelled into a travel fund, which is great, however, there is nothing like the lasting warm and tender feeling of collecting a new piece of artwork!! Thank you Mariana Sola for this gorgeous open-armed clay dancer waiting for a hug! This past weekend was the 7th annual North Shore Art Crawl, in which I had … Continue reading Collecting art is a must!

ZEN and the art of MM

Last week I was chatting with my soon-to-be 20 year-old son who was reading Robert Pirsig’s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and just like that I decided to reread it 30 years after tackling it the first time! Before I knew it I was pulled back into the heady meanderings of this book where art, technology, philosophy and travel intermingle, collide, unravel, and … Continue reading ZEN and the art of MM

What if? (part 2}

Two weeks ago I introduced my idea for a journaling app called What if¬†and the Android version of¬†Journey, the journaling app I had just started using. The idea¬†behind this is to help organize my thoughts, goal-plan, improve my memory, grow my brain and challenge myself. Now¬†it’s been almost a month since I¬†began journaling daily and I have to say I’m hooked! I use it to … Continue reading What if? (part 2}

Pealing back the layers

My web design course with Kevin McMillan at Emily Carr University of Art and Design is all about uncovering the layers behind a web site, with a focus on responsive adaptive design. Kevin has been teaching web design since the beginning of web design…so it’s interesting to hear his stories about how things have changed over time. Also he’s a wealth of information and has … Continue reading Pealing back the layers