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Art trips

Collecting art is a must!

Purses have been tight of late as savings are being funnelled into a travel fund, which is great, however, there is nothing like the lasting warm and tender feeling of collecting a new piece of artwork!! Thank you Mariana Sola... Continue Reading →

Time for something new!

I very recently realized that, as a mother of two young men off to university in my hometown of Montreal, I want to do something new, something that will put a new energy and exhilaration into my life...because I'm still... Continue Reading →

Dale Chihuly’s incredible blown glass at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

I made my annual pilgrimage to my hometown of Montreal this August with a dual-purpose: to take my eldest off to Bishops University and to see the Dale Chihuly exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts with my mother!... Continue Reading →

Art trip to Portland Oregon

After having posted 3 paintings (one below) to SopaFineArts Gallery in Kelowna for their annual U8 show, I drove down to Portland Oregon for 5 days with my family. Luckily they let me squeeze in some art-time! We walked through... Continue Reading →

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