Collecting art is a must!

Purses have been tight of late as savings are being funnelled into a travel fund, which is great, however, there is nothing like the lasting warm and tender feeling of collecting a new piece of artwork!! Thank you Mariana Sola for this gorgeous open-armed clay dancer waiting for a hug!

This past weekend was the 7th annual North Shore Art Crawl, in which I had participated for the previous 6 years. Its a wonderful way to share your studio, your work, your process and your stories with art-lovers. This year, given my increased interest in getting into web design, I decided to visit other artists studios instead of opening my own.

And what a great weekend it was:

Saturday turned out to be beautiful and sunny and was the perfect backdrop for visiting Grazyna Wolski‘s space and see up close her luminescent floral series…a true pleasure!

FullSizeRender 7

Next up I went to see three printmakers in action during a demo of their work at CityScape Gallery: Richard Tetrault doing woodcut relief printing, Mariko Ando demonstrating her etching technique, and Elisabeth Sommerville discussing her stunning stone lithographs.


After lunch I visited Sande Waters who creates abstract textured work in soft pastels, contrasting beautifully from Ann Eynon‘s west coast colourful landscapes.


Last but far from least on Saturday, I drove all the way out to the stunning Eagle Harbour close to sunset where Abstract artist Jane Kenyon works overlooking the sea. Her playful line and swaths of colour mesmerized me and we connected!! I’ve loved her work from afar, yet seeing it live was just amazing!


Sunday in the snow and sleet…oh well!

I woke to a white blanket out the window which somehow didn’t deter my husband from participating in a sailing race, so off I went to visit some more studios 🙂

First off, without a plan, I went to see my friend Mariana Sola‘s studio and immediately fell in love with my Dancer. Funny how that happens, that sometimes, for no logical reason, you HAVE to have something! Then I proceeded down the street to visit a longtime friend Dominic Howell whose life drawings and big skies draw you in.


Finally I had a cup of tea with fellow 5enses artist Catherine Fields in her beautiful snow-covered backyard studio where she works with great gusto and creates warm abstracts. She shared the space for the crawl with another painter-friend and potter Ronna Ander. Great to sit amongst the beauty of the artwork adorning the walls and the table-filled pottery. I even found and bought some Buddha bowls for a friend, shhh!!

FullSizeRender 3

All in all an incredible weekend of discovery, creativity, conversation, warm and cool colours, and beautiful art! Thank you all for opening your studios and sharing “pieces of You” that is your art.

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