Looking forward (on the web)

On my weekly hike up the Grouse Grind, I’ve been listening to podcasts about anything related to web design and this past week I encountered yet another new term: Responsive Design! Ahhh yess! Karen McGrane on The Web Ahead talked about responsive design as being the process whereby one website is created for all screen sizes, all devices.  On this podcast with Jen Simmons, Karen … Continue reading Looking forward (on the web)

Helpful design sites (and blogs)

Which which is which…my learning curve keeps escalating, an ever invigorating ride up! So, along with the books I’m reading and the podcasts I’m listening to, here are some of the sites and blogs i’ve become hooked on as they offer so much information in this rapidly changing and growing field of interaction design. The first I’d like to mention is the InVision blog. Somehow … Continue reading Helpful design sites (and blogs)

Learning while hiking

My 21-year-old son told me recently that on his 30-minute walk to work/school each day he now listens to books or podcasts. Learning while commuting…great idea! So now instead of just listening to music as I hike my beloved Grouse Grind or busing to class…I listen to podcasts and have found a great one called Design Matters with Debbie Millman. Debbie Millman began Design Matters … Continue reading Learning while hiking

Storytelling, typography and typesetting

On this steep learning curve of understanding my new world of Interaction Design, I signed up for what proved to be a challenging 4-day Basics of Communication Design course at Emily Carr University. With the guidance of an intelligent and quirky instructor named Thomas, we tackled storytelling, typography, and typesetting, and had a lot of fun doing it! DAY 1 We explored the CommDesign theme … Continue reading Storytelling, typography and typesetting

The more I read the more I want to know!

As I embark on this new “interaction-design” journey I realize how much information is out there, not only on the web but also in books and there is so much to learn! One of the first things i did was sign-up for a few blogs and InVision is so far my favorite…it is very helpful, informative and user-friendly. From the comprehensive reading list compiled by … Continue reading The more I read the more I want to know!

Time for something new!

I very recently realized that, as a mother of two young men off to university in my hometown of Montreal, I want to do something new, something that will put a new energy and exhilaration into my life…because I’m still young and want to be fired up and excited about my life as they are about theirs! Interaction Design…hadn’t heard of it until last week, … Continue reading Time for something new!

Sharing time and love of art with students

I recently signed on as a volunteer at the Vancouver Art Gallery. It’s been a great way to venture out of my studio to meet new people, share my love for art with children and expand my knowledge of contemporary artists. Meeting new people As an artist I spend a great deal of time in my home studio, alone.  And although I have over the … Continue reading Sharing time and love of art with students

Dale Chihuly’s incredible blown glass at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

I made my annual pilgrimage to my hometown of Montreal this August with a dual-purpose: to take my eldest off to Bishops University and to see the Dale Chihuly exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts with my mother! Breathtaking and inspiring, a wonderful end to a beautiful summer of sun, travel, and art! With colour integral to my own artwork, it was not … Continue reading Dale Chihuly’s incredible blown glass at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Colorful works at West Van’s Harmony Arts Festival

On the long weekend in August, I joined the 5enses artists in a 10ft x 20ft tent at the annual Harmony Arts Festival’ Art Market in West Vancouver. Although the rain drizzled down on us as we set up on the Friday, the rest of the weekend was beautiful and hot! Saturday seemed to be the day art lovers crowded our stall seeking out new … Continue reading Colorful works at West Van’s Harmony Arts Festival