The journey continues…

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Greetings after an extended break 🙂

I’ve just completed a 6-month full-time Interaction Design Essentials program at Emily Carr University of Art and Design here in Vancouver. Relief and rest are settling in as the 15 hours of class time and 30 hours of homework each week did not leave much leeway for other pursuits…except travel-time, exercise and some sleep!

The program was very intense and fulfilling, and the 13 members of our cohort-11 were a close-knit interesting group of students planning to embark on careers in User Interface, User Experience and Service Design. We completed courses in User-centered design, App Design and Production, Web and Mobile-first Development, and Interaction Design Studio.

As part of our program we designed and developed several websites and apps, worked with WordPress and also created a portfolio site. Mine is, where you can see some of the projects I worked on during the program. I also participated in the Global Service Jam and the OpenEd Protohack which were interesting, fast-paced and introduced me to the design community and offered opportunities for practicing what I was learning in class.

As has been my way over the years with this blog, I plan to post aspects of my journey and process through the program, highlighting some of my learning and projects along the way….first up is a “Blue Sky” project entitled Habit I did in my mobile app design course 🙂


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