About me

me72I am Sara Morison, artist, photographer, and mother, searching in my early 50s, for a new career that bridges my psychology and art backgrounds! I have decided that Interaction Design is where I am headed but first some exploration is needed. TO BEGIN I need to build my “wheelhouse” of design and development knowledge by reading, taking courses and learning as much as I can about the mechanics of web design. Then as I surf the web for sites that either make or break my visual and learning experience I plan to address, and welcome input on, what makes for a stimulating or frustrating web discovery.

Here is a little background on me...I came out to Vancouver 25 years ago to do a masters and then PhD in psychology, focusing on the influence that the environment plays on our development. After I graduated and had my two sons, I realized that I wanted to be the environment that influenced their development…so I stayed home to raise them! And while they grew and played and learned, I gradually let their environment push my development as an artist. I painted, drew, took courses and we traveled to far away places…all the time experiencing life and letting it affect how we developed.

For 8 years now I have focused on painting and photography as my creative expression and have enjoyed and felt stimulated by that exploration. And then the boys left the nest and they are so excited about their new lives and their new discoveries that they have pushed me to want something NEW for me! And I think I have found a new passion which wakes me at 4am because I just want to learn as much as I can…it’s so exhilarating!!

You can visit also my website at www.saramorison.com


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