Creative Mornings

and how one thought leads to another…

The other day I was listening to one of my favorite podcast shows (Design Matters with Debbie Millman) and was introduced to Tina Roth Eisenberg. She’s a Swiss designer, blogger at SwissMiss, who helped design the award-winning Visual Thesaurus among many other things. She also founded CreativeMornings, a global monthly lecture series (or free coffee-presentation-meetup to connect people).

And so last week I went to my first CreativeMorningsVancouver where actress Shauna Johannesen gave an engaging, heartfelt, funny, and emotional presentation on August’s theme of weird. The neat thing about CreativeMornings is that not only is it a lecture from an interesting creative, it is also a conduit to connecting with others as you break off into small groups to discuss the topic and your impressions of the presentation.

Afterwords, it got me to thinking about the ‘rush‘ i felt by meeting strangers, chatting face-to-face and connecting…and how I could harness all of that to not only help me overcome my fear of strangers or being more social (because by doing over and over something we fear, we become less anxious), but this connecting with others might just be a small step, my small step, in the direction of understanding others, empathizing, learning about differences and creating a better, more positive world.

And so, to use author and entrepreneur Jonathan Fields’ definition of The Good Life as being a “lens through which you see and create” and his drive to turn fear into fuel I have decided to make talking to strangers a habit, a ritual, a daily practice…starting TODAY!

PS I know this is not a new concept (eg. Brandon Stanton of Humans of NY fame) yet I feel that if more and more of us took on this daily connecting to others it can only lead to a better world! You can follow my meetings on Twitter with #tok2strangers.

So what are you going to do about it??!


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