Learning while hiking

My 21-year-old son told me recently that on his 30-minute walk to work/school each day he now listens to books or podcasts. Learning while commuting…great idea! So now instead of just listening to music as I hike my beloved Grouse Grind or busing to class…I listen to podcasts and have found a great one called Design Matters with Debbie Millman.

Debbie Millman began Design Matters as a radio show in 2005 and now 257 podcasts are available for free on iTunes. She interviews artists, designers, innovators, writers…basically anyone she finds interesting and with whom she wants to dig deeper into what made them who they are in their field. A bit like my STUDIO VISITS posts from a few years back. She’s a great interviewer…here are some of the little nuggets I’ve discovered so far:

In Debbie’s recent interview with TED’s curator Chris Anderson he emphasized the importance of working for something bigger than you. He also pointed out how curiosity, being curious, is such a wonderful thing because it can excite us to realize how little we know and therefore pushes us to want to learn. Thirdly, he emphasized the importance about using the “audience’s language”, not necessarily your own fancy words, when trying to teach or explain something.

Another interesting podcast was with graphic designer, illustrator, teacher Bob Gill in 2014. One thing that stood out for me in this interview was that Bob Gill found that a lot of design these days is wrapped up in “looking beautiful”, when what he thinks is important is that there is meaning behind the design, that it’s interesting and possibly not beautiful, but that it makes us think!

And during yesterday’s hike up the mountain I had the great pleasure of listening to Debbie talk with NPR’s creative director and interaction designer Liz Danzico 🙂 Her insightful words gave me strength as she believes one shouldn’t be afraid to embark on something new just because it’s unknown…the wise ones jump in and “fake it” until they gain more understanding! Thank you Liz!

I hope you enjoy Design Matters as much as I do and let me know of any other great podcasts!





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