Time for something new!

@saramorison Florence June 2016

I very recently realized that, as a mother of two young men off to university in my hometown of Montreal, I want to do something new, something that will put a new energy and exhilaration into my life…because I’m still young and want to be fired up and excited about my life as they are about theirs!

Interaction Design…hadn’t heard of it until last week, but I think it’s not only THE future, it’s MY future! It’s the interaction between what people want for their online sites and for their client (the psychology part) and how to display it on the web (the design creative part) so the client engages!! There is so much to learn from a design and behind-the-scenes point of view, and it seems that the more i learn and read, the more i need to read more and learn more (this is SO EXCITING TO ME!!). I’m hoping that the exploration I/we will do on this blog will help educate me on what WORKS, what DOESN’T, what FRUSTRATES and what EXCITES!

Please join me as I embark on a journey of discovery of web sites that keep us engaged, teach us and amaze us, and help me understand how to make disappointing annoying sites better!


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