The fine art of letting go!
The fine art of letting go!

IN February I had the opportunity to try something new that has ignited a spark…teach the Fine Art of Letting GO! I had taught psychology courses during my graduate work, i had led elementary school classes in the fine art of understanding human emotions and empathy, but I had never taught an art course. AND I loved it! During the course I led this past winter, I took 7 students of various ages and experience on a journey of discovery similar to the one I took a few years ago with Steven Aimone. ab course aimone

It was an exploration of letting the charcoal and the brush do the work, without too much worry or thinking…quick expressive strokes, challenges to help release anxiety about right and wrong…LETTING GO! They used a minimal color palette, several different drawing tools and worked on forgiving paper 🙂

It was a great way to try new things, express feelings, build confidence with drawing and painting. NEXT I’ve been asked to teach a weekend workshop through the West Vancouver Community Centre…so if you’ve ever wanted to paint but didn’t know how to start or if you’ve been creating for years from images or real life and want to see where abstract art can take you…SIGN UP for my weekend of fun and exploration!


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