Talking ART session with Don Farrell

Last week Catherine Fields and I went to Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island to participate in one of Don Farrell‘s Talking ART sessions. What a great experience! Not only did we learn a great deal about the featured artist Antoni TAPIES, a Barcelona-born artist who died last year at the age of 88,


Some of the work of Antoni TAPIES

who has been a great inspiration for Don, this was followed by a critique session involving the 12 women artists present.


Work on paper by Don Farrell

Don Farrell

This was the first time I’d met Don who is a very generous and approachable man, not to mention a thoughtful and knowledgable artist and teacher. He gathers artists in his home for presentations on artists (just finished Richard Diebenkorn, next after Tapies are William Scott and David Hockney).


After the two-hour slide show and discussion about this great Spanish artist, we moved into Don’s studio to each present one of our works for critique. It was fascinating to see the varied works of these women, including Cindy Mersky and Lisa Danesin who presented finished pieces and works in progress by


Leslie Gregory and


Christine Kazeil.

All in all it was another great day on Vancouver island with a new group of friends and further art education…I really look forward to the next one!


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