STUDIO VISIT: Introducing Sheree Jones and Lorn Curry

Welcome to Studio F, where Sheree Jones and Lorn Curry have recently leased and renovated a 300 square foot space and are already producing new works!


Sheree Jones

Sheree’s vibrant colorful work caught my eye a few years ago through the North Shore Artists’ Guild, where we are both members.



Sheree Jones, Still life with quilt, 16×20 Oil on canvas

She was born in North Vancouver where she again makes her home, after having lived in Berkeley, on Bowen Island in West Vancouver and India! If you browse her website you will definitely see all of those influences in her work.


Both she and her friend Lorn, essentially self-taught, just recently “graduated” from Dene Croft‘s mentoring program where they spent 4 and 2 years respectively, honing their skills! And skills they gained!

Dene is a transplanted Kiwi (from New Zealand) who teaches in a large studio space which he shares with artist/teacher Kiff Holland. Sheree and Lorn had open access 5 days and 2 nights a week to a very large open studio space where they worked on their own material, mostly from photographs, at their own pace along with about 10 other students. They both enjoyed the camaraderie, support, and challenging environment.

Studio space of their own

And then Studio F became available and they decided it was time to leave the nest. Their new space is 300 square feet, with two skylights above their easels and one big black chalkboard painted wall.


This is Sheree’s space


and the open bookcase is the divider between their two work spaces. They enjoy similar music tastes and have no problem working alongside each other.


Lorn Curry

Lorn was born in New Brunswick and moved to Vancouver in 1991.  A journalist with the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) until last year, he took a sabbatical in 2006 to the southwest of the United States where he fell in love with the landscape of the Monument Valley Tribal Park and Bryce Canyon National Parks.


Lorn Curry, The Totems, oil on canvas

He can’t seem to get enough of the red rock (which echoes his auburn hair!) and the big skies and makes an annual pilgrimage to soak up the sun and take photographs for his oil paintings.


The near future

Heads up that Sheree will be teaching in Studio F if you are interested and Lorn will be exhibiting his work at the Silk Purse Gallery in West Vancouver in August.




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