Saturday was “Meet the Artists” at the Ferry Building where I am exhibiting with a group of 3 other abstract artists in the show ABSTRACT NARRATIVES. Although I’ve been battling a bad cold I spent 3 hours (2-5pm) chatting art and connecting with friends and new aquaintances…a great afternoon!!




There was a steady flow of visitors to the gallery and so I’m not sure if it was that they’d put my photo on the front cover of the North Shore News the weekend before…



The opening reception had also been well attended and it was fantastic that they’d given me the back wall…a prime location in this quaint little gallery on the water’s edge in West Vancouver. 



What I most enjoyed are the smiles, the inquiries about how I come up with my titles (This used to be a straight road and Let’s dive right in), the questions as to whether I start with a sketch (no), then the nodding as I explain I start with a palette of colors (turquoise, gold and crimson) that I’ve wanted to use since returning from Bermuda last summer…I had one man say he keeps finding a new favorite!!


The show runs until February 10th and I will be hanging around the gallery as much as I can during that time, because I love to see peoples reactions, answer their questions, connect…it’s a very rewarding thing as an artist πŸ™‚



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