STUDIO VISIT: Feeding off Catherine Fields’ energy

Anyone who knows or meets Catherine Fields senses her positive energy, her GUSTO! She has been a long-time friend and a fellow member of the 5enses group. You have heard me mention her on many occasions, now she is in the spotlight for my series on Studio Visits.


Catherine and I most recently went to Seattle together and she also participated with me in the Steven Aimone workshops on Vancouver Island…first in November 2010


and also in April 2012.


Catherine’s background

Catherine was born in Geneva, Switzerland. In 1983, Catherine arrived in Canada to stay and often credits the country’s accepting atmosphere with giving her the confidence and freedom to explore her imagination. She spent many years exploring her creative energy with quilting, knitting, teaching art to children and writing and illustrating children’s books with fellow 5enses and Swiss artist Therese Joseph


Studio Space

In 2007, after completing a 10-month circum-Pacific trip with her family, Catherine designed and built a beautiful studio and guest suite on her property, 5 meters from her house in North Vancouver .  For the past 5  years she has spent most days in this bright and airy 10‘ x 20’ space, creating and interacting with other artists.


Catherine also has ample storage in her nearby garage for her prolific work


and space for materials in a closet, and display walls in the studio’s adjoining guest suite where she has generously housed one of her mentors Nurieh Mozaffari when she’s in town from Paris or Washington DC and fellow “Aimonites” Leslie Avon Miller and Barbara Ann Scott.



Catherine’s studio is also a great venue during the annual weekend-long North Shore Art Crawl where 200 artists in 50 locations showcase their work. With is French doors and adjacent garden its a wonderful spot to visit.



Catherine’s Current Projects

For the past two years Catherine has participated in the Kunst Supermarkt. This incredible event takes place in Soleure, Switzerland and just finished its 13th year. And yes it is like a supermarket… people come in droves to buy affordable art, using grocery carts, and most buy several works. They are priced at 99, 199, 399 and 599 Swiss Francs which is roughly equivalent to the Canadian/US dollar.


The works are all packaged in clear cellophane wrappers and labelled, ready to be picked through in bins and brought to the till. Catherine has been very successful here, selling half of her works in the first 10 days this year!


Catherine also sells some of her work at the Red Art Gallery in Victoria on Vancouver Island and at Portico Gallery in Squamish, just north of Vancouver.

I wonder what exciting adventures Catherine will embark on in 2013!



2 thoughts on “STUDIO VISIT: Feeding off Catherine Fields’ energy

  1. It is so much fun to visit Ms. Gusto and enjoy her lovely studio and great coffee too, by the way! Her love of art and attitude of exploration are infectious! Thanks Sarah for a great article and series here on your blog!

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