Many STUDIO VISITS: The Eastside Cultural Crawl

Last Friday night I ventured over-town to the 16th Annual Eastside Cultural Crawl glimpsing into an amazing array of studios. This is always an adventure as over 300 artists clean up their spaces to exhibit their works.


A portion of Elizabeth Topham‘s Desire, The Magnificient Obsession, Study #30

My main stop was the Parker Street Studios where 124 artists occupy creative space: paint, jewelry, wood, leather, metals, you name it, they work with it! The halls were dark, the stairwells tiny, and over the course of the 3-day event more than 10,000 people will wander this building!

Here were my top picks after sipping wine with my friend Elizabeth Topham amidst her beautiful blackberries!!

FIrst there were the mixed media artists:

M.A. Tateishi


and Carla Tak, wild crazy colourful works!


I also loved Shari Pratt‘s figurative pieces, including many portraits of soldiers, timely right after Remembrance Day,


and some favourites from last year: Nathalie Denise‘s loose drawings


and David Tycho‘s large abstracts.


Before we knew it it was almost 10pm closing time. Luckily we had just enough energy to venture across the street to the Mergatroid Building (I know, strange name!!) to meet Lisa Ochowycz who creates beautiful ethereal acrylic paintings on board! Here is one of her smaller pieces I love…she also had very large works in blues…beautiful!



If you ventured out to the crawl…what were some notables for you?


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