5enses "STAGING" their art in West Vancouver

If you have been following me for a bit you know that I am part of a group of female artists called the 5enses and last week we were invited to participate in a new venture which includes an 11, 000 square foot house on the market for 7.7 million!!


Sara Morison, Soaring above the Water, 30×36, Ink and acrylic on canvas

You might have heard about the advantages of “staging” a house in order to sell it more quickly…well interior designer Jan Romanuk invited the 5enses to bring in some of our artwork to fill the walls of a newly built home on the market in West Vancouver’s British Properties. Above is one of my pieces which was hung as part of the staging.


Above are photos of the main floor of the house with Mena Martini‘s beautiful flower painting in the dining room, Lori Bagneres‘ moon series in the hall and living room and Therese Joseph‘s colorful abstracts in the family room and bathroom. No artwork in the kitchen, but I’d be very happy cooking there for friends!!


My large 48×60 painting entitled Wrapped in Colour was chosen for the master bedroom upstairs, complementing the gorgeous view of the city (too sunny for a photo!) and the silver and blues of the throw pillows!


Catherine Fields‘ warm abstract invites the potential buyer to the large open area on the ground floor where Jan decided to create a display gallery of our works. You might recognize my site 36×36 Especially, 48×36 Always on my Mind (down at the end) and the 30×36 pictured at the top of this post. What you don’t see is my 40×60 Glimpsing the Water’s Edge. Mena’s paintings are in the wine cellar complementing the warm woods!



I’ll let you know if we get any comments or sales? Someone told us that somtimes the buyers like what they see with the staging and offer to buy everything in the house! I guess we’ll have to see about that!


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