STUDIO VISITS: Seeking out Lisa Geddes in Whistler

This past Thanksgiving weekend we were invited to Whistler to enjoy the fall colours and I took the opportunity to do a studio visit with my friend Lisa Geddes, who moved there permanently four years ago from Vancouver.


I met Lisa during the summer of 2008 when we both attended a week-long workshop in Whistler with artist-teacher-mentor Suzanne Northcott. Lisa and I hit it off and have stayed in touch ever since.


I’m in the centre with the heart t-shirt, Lisa is just above me to the left and Suzanne is top right.


Studio space

Lisa graduated from the University of British Columbia with a BFA in Studio Arts and was mostly a watercolorist with a focus on the natural world. Her home in Whistler is nestled in the woods at the end of the road and has large exposed beams and open spaces. Her studio was originally the garage that she converted into a beautiful airy, bright work space.


She also added a bathroom and a Murphy-bed so the room doubles as the guest suite, which on occasion, including most of the past summer, precludes Lisa from getting to her easel!


Her current work

In the past several years Lisa made the switch from watercolors to acrylics and is enjoying the exploration and versatility of this medium. She experiments with mixed media, photo transfers, various mark-making tools and gels. Although the market in Whistler leans more toward representational art, her dealer at the Art Junction Gallery has been pleasantly surprised recently to sell some of Lisa’s abstract work, her prefered direction!


Lisa Geddes, Becoming, 30×40, mixed media

Lisa’s abstracts have also done very well at Bird on a Wire Creations, an art and artisan gift boutique in Vancouver, which represents local artists from a 100-mile radius, including me! 


Connecting through new projects

Although Lisa’s studio time is limited somewhat with the demands of a very busy young family, she does believe in the importance of getting involved in the local arts community. She is currently on the board of the Whistler Arts Council and notes that it’s a very exciting time as they develop a plan to increase the cultural profile of this beautiful mountain village.  

In fact, just last week it was announced that a new museum/gallery is in the works for Whistler to house the Michael Audain collection. Audain is an internationally-renowned collector, and one of British Columbia’s top philanthropists.


Another fun project for Lisa involves wine, an interest she shares with her husband Bill. In the spring they met Mario Bollag in Whistler during a wine-pairing dinner and he invited them to come to his Terralsole Winery in Montalcino in Southern Tuscany. Bill and Lisa just got back and Mario was so taken by Lisa and her art, that he has asked her to create the label for his latest batch of Brunello!! 



Meeting Steven Aimone

At the end of the month, Lisa is very excited to take a week-long workshop with my other mentor Steven Aimone. She has really enjoyed his book and looks forward to the challenges he presents and the connections she hopes to make to other like-minded expressive artists. 


Have fun Lisa and we look forward to seeing where this takes you next!


5 thoughts on “STUDIO VISITS: Seeking out Lisa Geddes in Whistler

  1. Very nice post.I love lisas work and her company! I am very intrigued by that first painting you posted. I don’t believe I have seen it yet. Thanks for the sneak peek! Julie

  2. Interesting biography, Lisa! You are on a wonderful creative path! Look forward to viewing your latest creations in person!Cheers – Barb

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