STUDIO VISITS: Entering Lori Bagneres’ World

This week’s studio visit took me around the corner and east one block from my place to another 5enses member and longtime friend Lori Bagneres. Lori and I have known each other since our teenaged boys were 3 and starting preschool!




Lori grew up in Guelph Ontario where she got her Engineering degree, yet never felt that that was her path in life. She married a Frenchman and moved to France where she completed her MA in Contemporary Art at L’Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Grenoble in 1993. She says the degree didn’t involve learning how to paint but how to create and think outside the box…run with an idea! Some of her school assignments still adorn her studio.




In 2003, when our boys were in grade one together, Lori and I won a grant to create 3 large mosaic-tile panels (see below) with the school-children for the foyer of their newly constructed French school.


Then over the following eight or nine years, Lori was an artist-in-residence with the Vancouver School Board and worked with Artstarts and Learning through the Arts. Now she tries to devote all her time to painting!


Her Space and her work

After having spent a few years painting in her dining room, Lori designed a renovation on the top floor of her house to create a master suite and her 18’x18′ “attic” studio.  There is light from the south and from two little balconies on the westside of the space. Along one wall are her computer and business files and she hopes to build a moveable table with storage cupboards. All in good time!



Lori loves to work in mixed media using collage and transfers, and transparent washes of colour. She has created a whole series with crows which are constant companions outside her studio windows. With the impending departure of her older son off to University she focused on another series with nests on top of collaged maps from around the world.




Where will Lori take us next?



4 thoughts on “STUDIO VISITS: Entering Lori Bagneres’ World

  1. Sara, thanks so much for taking the time out to interview me and show and share my studio space on your blog! I am looking forward to seeing the other artists’ studios on future postings! Merci encore!

  2. what a great post about Lori. Just a few weeks ago while Lori was in Ontario some friends and I had the pleasure of being part of one of her workshops (which was great by the way). She was working on the large painting that she is working on in your blog so it was nice to see it again I am anxiously waiting for its completion. Lori is very talented artist and a great teacher. I look forward to seeing more of her work.

  3. I recently spent time with Lori to view the world through her senses and the only tragedy is that these pages cannot bottle the dynamic dialogue that ‘tsunami’s’ from Lori. Her works which are quite diverse are a statement of an artist responding to her physical world and mortalising her inner thoughts. The moon series is the metanoia into abstract visual images, the thought and processes that occur deep within. The crow series are a delightful play on the urbanj and rural landscape and evokes childhood nostalgia.

  4. Great to see such enthusiasm from near and far about Lori’s work…she truly does touch upon the emotional and the ethereal…great to work and exhibit with her!

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