STUDIO VISITS: Therese Joseph’s Figurative Abstracts

I visited my 5enses friend Therese Joseph‘s studio this week as part of my new blog series…what an amazing creative space she has, organized by the Swiss-German girl that she is!!





Therese has had many careers along the way, yet has always found the time to create, whether it be clothes, quilts, illustrating books, making jewelry, photography, writing poetry. From working as a day-care teacher, to running her own day-care, to evaluating day-cares, she now tries  to devote her full efforts to painting and teaching young and old!


Art Space 





Half of the basement of Therese’s home in North Vancouver is designated ‘her’ space. The south-facing studio is about 11’x15′ with large windows and a sliding door, so the room seems even bigger! She has several easels and her adjoining 9’x6′ office space houses her files and computer, at the ready for Facebook, twitter and gmail!


Then through a doorway she has just built a great 11’x14′ storage space and little kitchen, which feels more like the back of an art gallery or even a store!


Current Work

Therese has always been drawn to textures and loves mixed media. Her work is very colourful and she alternates from organic abstracts to figurative abstracts, whatever suits her mood!


She loves to doodle (panel below), and takes figure drawing classes which help her create quirky interesting women with attitude! In fact she just got word that she’ll be exhibiting her figures in a 2-person show at the Silk Purse Gallery in early 2013.




Once a week she welcomes small groups of children or adults into her space so they can explore their artistic talents. She has loads of mixed media supplies for them, from textiles to homemade papers, cheese cloth, different media and “stuff” to make wild prints with! Visit her blog to see what fun things she does with kids.




This past spring she was hired to do a community awareness project entitled RIghts of the Child and here are two collaboration paintings they produced which are on display in our local library.


Come see Therese do a painting demo at the Holiday Inn in North Vancouver as part of Culture Days in BC on September 28th and 29th…it’s bound to be interesting!!

Having a diverse group of artists friends who live near and far creates a wonderful network for support and encouragement, not to mention stimulation and wonder!

Next week, I’ll be visiting another 5enses artist Lori Bagneres who lives just up the street from me!

4 thoughts on “STUDIO VISITS: Therese Joseph’s Figurative Abstracts

  1. Thanks Sara, you did a great job. Love your photos and all the links to various sites.Now let’s get the word out there… Looking forward to Lori’s Interview.

  2. I like the warm colours and movements in the paintings. Talented and Creative. 😉 Also such a neat and organized office space! Two Thumbs Up!Cheers 🙂

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