STUDIO VISITS: Starting with mine!

I’m back and excited about a new blog series entitled STUDIO VISITS spurred on partly by Sarah Thornton’s visit to artist Takashi Murakami’s studios and a new book recommended to me by my artist-friend Pat Zalisko called The Artist’s Guide by Jackie Battenfield. In chapter 2, Jackie highly recommends building your artist community by visiting fellow artists’ studio spaces and having others visit yours. I thought it was a great idea and would be fun to highlight the visits on my blog for others to see too!


Crossing to Safety, india ink and acrylic on canvas, 18×36

When the idea of studio visits sparked yesterday afternoon I soon created a long list of artist friends who live within 10 minutes from my studio/house. Apparently the North Shore of Vancouver, BC has a very large population of artists! So I think I will have my work cut-out for me for quite a while!

My Space

When we bought our house about 8 years ago I was very excited to have my own working space (instead of the dining room table!) and though it’s west-facing (not ideal lighting), carpeted (oh well!) and over the garage (so has slanted walls) it is 11′ x 17′ and all mine!!


 In the first chapter of The Artist’s Guide, Jackie emphasizes the need to set some long-term and short-term goals and make a plan for the coming year. So as I enter my studio each day (well, I try) on the right I’ve posted my short-term goals…


 and then as I close the door behind me, my 4-month eraseable calendar (surrounded by posters of past shows and family photos) sparks me into action, reminding me to do a blog post, or send a thank-you note, submit a painting to a juried show or take photos of new work.


  I also have a wall for my “candidates for completion”, as-yet-unfinished works that I want to take a break from (so I don’t overwork them). They do need to be close enough though to be able to add a stroke or two, or turn upside down! If it’s a larger piece…it goes over the fireplace in the living room, in which case I sometimes get the family’s reactions!


On the easel

Lastly, here’s a glimpse of what’s on my easel now…three little 6x6s, as yet unfinished which I plan to submit to a show entitled Small, smaller, smallest. Quite a bit different from the 48×60 and 40×60 canvases I worked on this summer! But I like to mix it up!


I hope you enjoyed the tour of my space and if you’re on the North Shore or the greater Vancouver area, I’d love to visit your studi

And if you’re too far away…send me some photos and I’ll post them here!

Next week, I’ll be visiting one of the 5enses studios.


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