Sara on Sarah: Day 6 The Studio

For Day 6 of Sara on Sarah, my blog series paralleling Sarah Thornton’s Seven Days in the Art World, Sarah takes us into the artist’s studio, the place of creation, innovation, organization, contemplation, energy, frustration, and dedication.


(Surfacing, graphite, charcoal, watercolor pencil, acrylic on canvas, 8×24)

In Sarah’s book we “visit” Takashi Murakami’s 3 studios…exciting work orchestrated by a huge creative mind. In this video, we get an idea of his work, his creative mind, his impact on others, and the art world in general:

Contrasting Murakami’s work, and more in line with my work and philosophy…here is Judith Murray creating a large abstract work over three months in her studio, I loved watching the evolution, her uncertainty, hearing her musings…


My questions for you are:

How do you run your studio? What emotions govern your work?

What type of impact do you have on other artists and the art world?


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