Sara on Sarah: Day 5 The Art Magazine

In my blog series Sara on Sarah, the 5th day of Sarah Thornton’s week in the art world addresses the art critic’s perspective. Sarah highlights the magazine Art Forum (here is the link to the online magazine, which is different apparently to the paper version). Other options are ArtNews, Art in America and Frieze, a British Art Magazine. Not only do the magazine’s offer criticism of contemporary art, but also present a calendar of upcoming shows and events as well as reviews and discussion.


(Crossing Time, india ink, graphite, acrylic on canvas, 16×16)

One of the interesting points Tim Griffin, the editor-in-chief for ArtForum magazine from 2003-2010 whom Sarah interviewed, brought up is that “it used to be that the critic led the dealer who led the collector, whereas now supposedly the collector leads the dealer who leads the critic”. So where does the collector find the artists? At the auction? At the fair?

And how open is the art critic to new artists or new art… watch this little clip:

Roberta Smith, another art critic Sarah interviewed feels that she can put into words something that everyone has seen and that “click from language back into the memory bank of experience is so exquisite…It’s like having your vision sparked”.

My questions to you are:

What art journals do you read and enjoy?

How would you feel about negative press on your next show…would it influence your direction?


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