Sara on Sarah: A conversation about the art world

As an emerging largely self-taught artist I am constantly intrigued by other artists’ work, their process, and eager to read, research, and learn about art…there is so much information out there! I just finished Sarah Thornton‘s Seven Days in the Art World…a great read by a fellow Canadian and thought it might be interesting to start a conversation about each of the “days”.


Moreover, 20×28, acrylic on canvas

Sarah has a BA in Art History and a PhD in cultural sociology and writes about the art world and the art market for several publications. In a series of day-in-the-life narratives, she reveals the tension at a Christie’s auction in New York City (Day 1), the discipline of an LA art school critic session (Day 2), the dilemnas of collectors at the Basel Art Fair (Day 3), the competion for London’s Turner award (Day 4), the friction of art critics at Artforum magazine (Day 5), the complexities of Takashi Murakami‘s Tokyo studios (Day 6) and the wild and wonderful wonders of the Venice Biennale (Day 7).

Once a week, after summarizing the messages I’ve taken from my read of one of the chapters, I’d love to hear your reactions and responses to my questions…there is so much to learn and getting feedback from you, your experiences, would be most appreciated!



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