Getting out into the community

Creating art is for the most part a solitary endeavour, however the other day I was the “Artist in the Window” at Bird on a Wire Creations, a Vancouver art and artisan gift boutique featuring local artists from a 100-mile radius.


The owner Karen Unger-Strikland devised an innovative way of getting the artists who create the works she sells in her store to be visible to the public, showcasing a new one each Saturday in her window. Last week Earthgirl Aromatherapy soaps were featured, and while I was painting I met mixed media artist Kathleen Tennant who just signed up for the next available spot sometime in October! 

Here are the paintings I created on paper during the day, which I am donating to Papergirl Vancouver, a community-based program which exhibits and then randomnly distributes artwork on paper to passersby by girls on bicycles (sometime this summer)! This amazing global art movement began five years ago in Berlin and has since grown worldwide to locations that include Glasgow, Istanbul, Moldova, Romania, New York, San Francisco, Portland and Kelowna.


Waiting for summer, mixed media, 6 x 9.5


Sunset marina, mixed media, 8 x 11


Full moon rising, mixed media, 7 x 9.5


Soul food, mixed media, 9 x 10


When two worlds collide, mixed media, 10.5 x 10.5

The Papergirl Vancouver exhibition will take place at the Roundhouse Community Centre July 22-27.

How do you get out into the community to share your art?



2 thoughts on “Getting out into the community

  1. Thanks Therese…it was fun to work on paper again and always interesting to see people’s reactions to abstract art!!

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