Mixing art with French food…yum!

Who doesn’t like to mix delicious French food with friends, a little wine (!) and art? So while my SOLO show is on at the Louis Gervais Bistro, I thought it would be fun to get a group of friends together to take a cooking class in the bistro’s kitchen!



Along for the ride were Marissa, Penny and Leslie…


Marianne, Jill, Andrea and Ramona!


Chef Bernard took us on a journey tantalizing us with delectable tastes, amazing aromas and beautiful dishes! He put together a delicious menu, demonstrated the cooking and plating techniques, and most of all gave us lots of tips and options so that we could create our own version of the dishes.


Then we were put to work…oh what fun! Grouped in pairs, we made a roasted beet and raddichio salad with blue cheese vinaigrette…


Next we made a bechamel sauce, flavored with a variety of cheeses for our macaroni side-dish and a brandy-infused mushroom sauce to pour over our New York striploin steak! Hungry yet??


Of course it wasn’t all work, especially as we had Chef Terry cleaning up after us, when he wasn’t dipping his fingers in the chocolate!


The beauty of it all was not only the camaraderie in the kitchen but the variety of dishes that were created all with the same basic instructions…each unique to the budding chefs, with their own twists, flavors, and presentations. Art in the making!


And because we were having such fun creating, chatting and experimenting…the decadent flourless chocolate ganache cake was made by Chef Terry behind the scenes. Luckily we left room for this beautiful finale!


Thank you ladies for a fun evening of creating in the kitchen! Thanks to Chef Bernard and Chef Terry who guided us in the culinary adventure and for the rest of the staff who made the evening a great success!!




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