A visual conversation: Day 10

May 17th was the opening of the long anticipated exhibition STUDIO: An Abstract Experience.



7 of the 14 eager artists in the show just couldn’t wait to get into the opening wine and cheese reception at CityScape Gallery in North Vancouver, BC.



All of the works were done on paper, most were 4’x4′ and were hung by bulldog clips either on the wall or on a wire clothesline to exemplify the effect of being in a studio!


The crowd loved it and were fascinated by the mix of all the abstract work!



Here I am in front of one of my pieces which I happily sold the day before the opening! I’m with Mary Stewart who owns and runs Vancouver Island Workshops who hosted the 5-day workshop with teacher/artist Steven Aimone which prompted this exhibition.



After Jo Dunlop, the exhibition coordinator gave her opening speech…




the 10 artists in attendence introduced themselves and I gave a brief synopsis of how this show came to fruition. L to R: Helen Webster, Barbara Ann Scott, Jill Ehlert, Bonnie Stebbings, Therese Joseph, me, Catherine Fields, Susan Stitt, Ronna Ander, and Gale Cyr. Missing are Eve Llyndorah, Jeanne Aten, and Kirsten Brand.

It was a wonderful evening and great to overhear some visual conversations between the works on display and the onlookers!

The show is ongoing until June 16th.







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