A visual conversation: Day 9

Last week I had the great fortune of engaging young girls in a visual conversation about abstract art. I was invited to be the guest artist for the “art badge” at brownies.

After showing them some of my earlier drawings and work from photos…


(Paris Kiss, 8×10, oil on canvas, 2005)

I introduced them to the concept of abstract art. We talked about the use of color and shape and repeting a motif. They thought it was really neat how different people saw different things.


I asked them how they felt looking at the paintings, what they could see. Some mentioned figures, others buildings, objects…some even said “it looks really cold there…like an iceberg floating in the water”.


Then it was time for them to paint and on a small canvas they each began creating…no inhibitions, no worries, they just dove right in! Some were very particular about what they set out to paint, while others let the paint flow and tried to have some opaque passages and some more transparent washes as we’d talked about in my work. Some a repeated motif. It was amazing watching them.


Then when the time was up, and some didn’t want to stop!, they gathered in their circle and thanked me with a song! A wonderful experience!


Thank you to all for letting me into your circle, watching you create and sharing my process…maybe, in a small way, I have opened your eyes to the wonderful world of abstract art and the beauty of visual conversations!





3 thoughts on “A visual conversation: Day 9

  1. What a treat to see so many pictures of you….you look radiant! You have that glow that comes from teaching kids who want to learn…most wise elder one!!! Now you know why i’ve stuck to teaching for over 20 years…it keeps me young!

  2. Their enthusiasm, creativity, and interest were sooo rewarding…i can totally see your attraction to teaching, especially when connections are made! Great to hear from you and to know that you take the time all the way from Israel to "check in " on me!!!Xox

  3. How proud is Mom of Sara !! Looks like such fun to get involved with the Brownies who seem to have loved their time with you. Hi Monika…xox

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