A visual conversation: Day 7

Having watched Gerhard Richter’s visual conversation with a canvas unfold before my eyes in the movie prompted me to take some photos of my afternoon with a canvas…from start to “close to finish”.


First I put my paint into my trusty hummus containers and add some liquid matt medium.


Then I take a big brush and coat my 24×36 inch canvas with gel medium and start my automatic drawing.


Standing back, adding some other colors, transparently and opaquely…


Covering the canvas, using different sized brushes and different strokes to get some interest…


More distance to see where this conversation might be leading me…it seems to be all over the map, yet there are definitely tidbits of interest, pockets of intrigue…


It needs to come together somehow…maybe a large shape will help…somewhat of a grid to hold the conversation…


Yes, much more satisfying, I’m excited, my eye moves around, I’m engaged, interested…I think this is almost done…time to put the brushes down, exhale and let it sit on my mantel for a while…


And time to clean up my mess!

This conversation isn’t over yet… πŸ™‚


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