A visual conversation: Day 4

Some conversations are slow to unfold, tentative, perhaps steeped in emotion that is harder to piece together, to uncover. There are layers to build first, history to reveal. Each piece of the visual conversation has meaning, reason to be there, insight to give.


(Transitions #10, 30×40, acrylic on canvas)

The other night I saw an incredible movie about the abstract painter Gerhard Richter. I watched him move into the canvas with a brush and paint, stand back to see how that worked for him, a beautiful layer and then he went in and with a huge squeegee added layer upon layer of color, pressing in, obliterating, revealing…all the time stepping back and then moving into the work…a lengthy amazing visual conversation!



One thought on “A visual conversation: Day 4

  1. Another very nice painting, layer upon layer not so much, but spaces within spaces; a lot of depth and a variety of colours. good.

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