Starting a visual conversation: Day 1

Creating abstract art is akin to a visual conversation, a sensational dance. Today is the first day of a new series of blog posts which I plan to continue almost daily for the next month.


(Transitions #3, 30×40, acrylic on canvas)

Each painting begins with patches of transparent washes intermingled with opaque passages, a continuous give and take, to and fro, between colors, textures created with bristles or scratching…a process, a development, a discovery unfolding before me…and before I start to edit and stiffle the moment, the mood, the experience, I stand back and sense the peace and satisfaction of the creation.

I hope you join me on this journey, this visual conversation as it unfolds…


4 thoughts on “Starting a visual conversation: Day 1

  1. Sara, I’m really impressed with your site, and the variety, and depth of commentary. I’m looking forward to watching you new series unfold and will be following attentively. Should be good, and good luck!Frank

  2. Impressive undertaking Sara, I’m looking forward to following this. Now, if I can just figure out how!

  3. Hi Frank,I’m happy you are wanting to follow this new series…I think you can click on the little orange box under the archive section on the right panel…it should then allow you to receive updates when I post something.Take care,Sara

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