Parallels between the "Aimone" way and Zen art

I’m amazed at the parallels between the teachings I just received in a directed studies with Steven Aimone and John Daido Loori’s inspiring book The Zen of Creativity.


(Musings, 12×36 Acrylic on canvas)

According to John Daido Loori each artist expresses through art their unique way of experiencing life. Steven Aimone’s version of this is “art is a metaphor for life”.


Steven Aimone teaches in his book Expressive Drawing how to free up your mind, and intuitively let go and draw/paint automatically, without thinking. Make your marks, then step back, look at what you have done and when you feel the urge to move in again, continue adding, masking, veiling, then retreat, and continue in this manner until you are satisfied with your work.


Loori defines ‘chi’ as the energy contained in us, the breath, the spirit, the power and how in the act of expression, the artist steps out of the way and let’s the art happen by itself. He says that in the creative process, as long as the energy is strong, the process continues. It may take minutes or hours. As long as you feel chi peaking and flowing, let it run its course, allow the flow without attempting to edit, judge, name, analyze, understand.


Both these teachers emphasize the need to trust yourself and trust your process. Your way of experiencing the world is unique and you are trying, as an artist, to give voice to this unique experience. Powerful stuff!



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