A stimulating and invigorating directed studies workshop in Nanaimo

I just returned from a wonderful week-long workshop with Steven Aimone, thanks to Mary Stewart at Vancouver Island Art Workshops.


It’s difficult to put in words my experience last week, though thought-provoking, nurturing, challenging, uplifting, community-building and special begin to describe it. Steven encouraged us to develop and pursue a mission for the week and also dig deep to find the essence of why we make art. My new artist statement under my photo to the right is the current draft.

My discoveries and resolutions from the workshop: Own my process. Develop a practice of daily painting. Trust my work. Be present. 

My good friend and fellow 5enses artist Catherine Fields and I set up our “studio” spaces side-by-side in the large community hall and started to work.


The creative energy in the room was palpable as the 12 artists creating alongside us inspired, provoked and revealed.


Here the effervescent Eve Llyndorah layers her large canvases and Helen Webster adds details to hers. 


From gestural drawing the essence of the horse was mesmerizing in Jeanne Aten‘s work,


while Susan Stitt‘s more graphic designs bursted forth!


Across the room Lisa Danesin created what felt like spontaneous flowing work from controlled drawing. Amazing!


The lone American in the group, poetic and grounded Leslie Miller produced textured meditative beauties!


Barbara Scott worked non-stop producing wondrous works that took my breath away,


Gabriola Island artist Mary Tougas’ black and white gestural work sang


and Port Alberni native Gale Cyr‘s varied works touched my heart!

I wish to thank the whole group for their help, their words of wisdom and their encouragement on my journey of discovery. Namaste to Steven for creating this atmosphere for growth.






5 thoughts on “A stimulating and invigorating directed studies workshop in Nanaimo

  1. Sara you are amazing putting this all together in your busy life…very appreciate seeing the overview. I’m still whirling after the week …lovely to work next to you and Catherine ..Thanks so much for putting this all on a page.. We’ll keep in touch Evexox

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