Outside of the box


(Here and Now, 36×36, Acrylic)

It’s amazing to me the power and energy and momentum that gathers when you think and act outside of the box!

The box I’m referring to is the studio, the room in which most artists spend a great deal of time working at the easel, chiseling away, honing their craft. And yet if that’s all you think there is and you don’t “move outside the box” you will miss out on so many opportunities to share, connect and help or be helped by others. 

I came across two amazing sites this week about artists helping other artists on the internet. The first of these is called Daily Paintworks hosted by Carole Marine and her husband David.


They have created a website where you can view artists daily works, you can post your own daily works which appear in your own gallery on your blog or website and their latest addition which is called ArtBytes.


ArtBytes are lessons in bite-size formats that are either free or for a reasonable cost that once you buy are yours to keep. They include text, photos and videos. Right now the ArtBytes are all by Carole who apparently is an amazing teacher, and they want to include other artist-teachers’ lessons in the future. A great concept for anyone interested in learning, whether you live in the US or afar…that’s thinking outside the box!


The other site I’ve been enjoying this week is called Artists Helping Artists hosted by Leslie Saeta. This is a free online weekly art show on blogtalk radio. Leslie shares ideas for selling your work online, interviews other artists, gallerists, and those savvy on the business of art.

Last week’s episode was a topic close to me on starting your career later in life. I also listened to a conversation with Carole Marine about her website and her new ArtBytes (!) and to one with the infamous Robert Genn. Next I want to check out the one on understanding the new Timeline on Facebook and internet marketing faux-pas.

Most of the shows are about an hour long, so can be listened to while you prep canvases, tidy your studio or edit your photos!

Lastly I wanted to share the video my fellow 5enses artist Therese Joseph made of our group when we ventured outside our boxes and into Delany’s for a show.

Do you venture outside your box?






2 thoughts on “Outside of the box

  1. Thanks Patt for the comments and the info. I am still working on my Timeline for my page…this looks interesting! Also I’ve been a big fan of Alyson’s for over a year, she has helped me tremendously!Take care,Sara

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