Secrets and passions


(Queen for a day, 48×36, mixed media)

A couple of weeks ago I decided I needed some help with an artist statement for my latest series, so I purchased and downloaded Alyson Stanfield’s Nail Your Artist Statement and began the 20-day journaling course. It really set me in motion to reflect and examine where I’ve come from as an artist, who my influences are and why I paint what I paint!

What I found really interesting was that for day 13 and 14 we had to arrange to meet and chat with at least one person (the more the better!) who wasn’t that familiar with my work so that I could see what their reactions are and questions as to why I do what I do. This really opened up my eyes to how others might see my work, how they understand or don’t!! Thanks Alyson!


Coincidentally I happened upon Seth Apter’s blog and new book entitled The Pulse of Mixed Media, wherein Seth interviews and highlights the secrets and passions of 100 artists. I plan to purchase the book because as I read about some of the artists he’s spotlighting on his blog, I connect immediately! Two in particular: Donna Watson and Bridgette Guerzon Mills I love and have been following for a while.

Why do you do what you do?






3 thoughts on “Secrets and passions

  1. Happy you found my blog and my book Sara. Both Donna and Bridgette, whom you mention here, are among my favorite artists. Just wanted to let you know that I will be in Vancouver on May 3rd, holding an event for the release of my book. You can look on my blog for details if you are interested in attending.

  2. Thanks for the comments Therese and Seth. I would love to come to your event Seth on May 3rd and will definitely check your blog, thanks for the info!

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