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March 2012

Laguna beach art scene: Open space!

(At a crossroads, 8x8 acrylic) I just got back from a week in Laguna Beach, California...what a great artist colony, filled with sun, heat, blue ocean and skies, and loads of Art! My holiday was nestled perfectly in time between a busy winter of p...

Outside of the box

(Here and Now, 36x36, Acrylic) It's amazing to me the power and energy and momentum that gathers when you think and act outside of the box! The box I'm referring to is the studio, the room in which most artists spend a great deal of time working a...

Secrets and passions

(Queen for a day, 48x36, mixed media) A couple of weeks ago I decided I needed some help with an artist statement for my latest series, so I purchased and downloaded Alyson Stanfield's Nail Your Artist Statement and began the 20-day journaling cou...

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