Joie de vivre: connecting with my art


(Joie de vivre, mixed media, 24×20)

This past weekend we had a little visitor stay with us, 2 year old Zoe and her mom, from Calgary. It’s been a while since a tiny person has inhabited our walls now that my sons are 6 feet plus following suit with my husband. What it made me realize is that there is so much to discover with a little one around, so many new mysteries, new words, new foods and glorious, precious moments!

This is the true essence of the art I am trying to create…one that exemplifies discovery, mystery, journey, process. Connecting with life, really. The everyday moments that are captured if you pay attention, focus on the little things in life. The joys of discovery…the joie de vivre! That is what I would like people to enjoy in my work…the mysteries of color contrasts, translucency and opacity, the emotion related to color and the invitation to see something new each time you visit a painting.

What do you see in my paintings?


One thought on “Joie de vivre: connecting with my art

  1. A very interesting and full but fun filled life you must have. It looks like you are enjoying 3 different levels or stages in your life. The middle part being the one less colorful but busier… don’t worry if you are in that part of life right now – the boys will grow up and away only too soon… enjoy the circles and curve balls they throw at you. Make sure you catch a few too. Therese

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