Stimulate the senses


(Dark and Dreamy, 36×36 acrylic on canvas)

It’s been a bit of a dreary February here in Vancouver, however my house is filled with color! Last week for my birthday I received tulips from three sets of friends, white roses from a visiting cousin and today a beautiful orchid…I love it!! I think it’s at times like this that it’s so important to stimulate the senses!!

As you might know the 5enses, with whom I paint and exhibit, are currently showing in two venues on the North Shore of Vancouver, trying to stimulate both Centennial Theatre-goers senses during intermission and Delany coffee lovers over their daily java!


According to the latest issue of my favorite magazine Whole Living it’s important to awaken your senses to boost your brain power! “Throw open a window, take in the sounds and smells of the world around you…and by doing so you are actively using the sensory parts of our brains, which means blood is flowing to those areas, keeping them robust.”


(Joan Mitchell, Before, Again II, 1985)

Then today while reading Patricia Albers’ Lady Painter A Life, I learned a new word: synesthesia. It’s an involuntary neurological condition, unlearned and hard-wired from birth, whereby there is sensory cross-wiring in the brain. So some people with this condition see smells, others smell sights, taste shapes or experience pain as color. Fascinating and mind-boggling! And famous Abstract Expressionist Joan Mitchell is apparently one of these synesthetes who saw colored letters. I can just imagine how that would affect your whole experience of life!

So smell the flowers, listen to the birds and stimulate your brain!




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