Happiness is…


(New Balance, 36×36, Watercolor pencils and acrylic)

Happiness is sitting on my deck with the warm February sun on my face, sipping Bancha green tea.

Happiness is listening to my boys chat about their hockey or their music.

Happiness is deciding on two or three blues to layer on to my new canvas and then quickly apply some quinachridone gold and patches of cadmium red.

Happiness is thinking about how nice it will be to see some friends at the opening of our 5enses show on Thursday at Delany’s, to share a glass of wine and chat about my work on the walls.


Happiness is enjoying moments now, time with friends and family, time on your own, putting paint on canvas, reading a good book, making a soup.

Happiness is what Shawn Achor believes inspires productivity:


Do you work hard to reach happiness or do you cherish your happiness and want to create?





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