The fine art of give and take


I was painting at my good 5enses friend Catherine‘s studio last week (as I do almost every week!) and her visiting Swiss friend Dorane took some pictures of us at work! It’s not often that I get to SEE myself creating!

Dorane was intrigued by my technique and quick pace as I was with her palette knife work. It was great to bounce ideas around, get a fresh critical eye on my work and also watch someone else put paint on their canvas.


(Catherine and me, in her studio)

For some artists, creating in the presence of others might be intimidating, stimulating, noisy, overstimulating, exhilarating, or suffocating. And when you work from your gut, with emotion, gesturally and instinctively, abstractly, the way I do, sometimes I can feel blocked, distracted and tight, not free the way I’d like to be. However, with the right people and the sense of openess and “just go with it” feeling we all had last week…we all produced work that I feel benefited from the presence and the objective critical eyes of the onlookers. It was a win-win!

Do you like working in the presence of others?



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