Laundry-inspired paintings?


(Juggling Time, 36×18, Watercolor pencils and acrylic)

Last week I put up three of my paintings (including the one above) at Delany’s in Dundarave as part of a 5enses group show. This is the second time that owner Robin Delany, a wonderful community-oriented retailer who likes to exhibit local artists, asked us to exhibit in one of his cafes.

The next day three of my large paintins went up at our local theatre and it was remarked that I seemed to be using a lot more blue than in the past. 


For a long time my palette centred on reds (cadmium, rose red, hansa orange) and ochres. I was comfortable with and happy to paint with warm colors.

Then last fall blues started to creep in.

What influenced the change? Was it the big blue skies from my summer road trip? Or the blue water of the nearby seashore?

Or perhaps… my laundry? Day in day out, gathering, tossing, folding all that blue laundry…


It’s interesting to ponder about the changing palette…one of the artists whose work I love, Margaret Glew, mostly works with a red and pinkish palette, yet she just created this beauty!


Also one of my mentors, Steven Aimone, who usually has a muted black/gray palette


recently painted this!!


What inspires your palette?


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