The fine art of Collections


Welcome to 2012

After a wonderful family holiday, a short visit by a young Australian friend on her way to New York City to model for a year prompted a tour of the Vancouver Art Gallery. Luck was on our side as the current show was Shore, Forest and Beyond: Art from the Audain Collection, the perfect exhibition to display some incredible BC art to my visitor. We especially marveled at the shear number of beautiful First Nations masks and the dozens of paintings by Victoria-native Emily Carr. And all collected in the past 20 years!


Aside from offering esthetic enhancement to your home and visual stimulation, collecting art preserves your interests and sensibilites at the time of the purchase, encourages and supports the arts and artists, perhaps fulfills a lack of creativity or stimulates a motivation to pursue a dream!

Given my recent foray into hand-building ceramics, here is the small collection of pieces I started in the last couple of months.


My raku teacher Louisa Leibman‘s dove.


Ronda Green‘s raku apples.


And Greg Kawczynski’s birds!

What does your collection comprise?


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