Thank you for a great 2011


What a great year of discovery, sharing, travel, painting, blue skies, pottery, family time, and growth!

I experienced a lot of firsts this year: drove across the country with my son, had a fun art show with family and friends in Montreal, found new homes for more paintings than ever before (see the collage above!), learned about social media and marketing and how to hand-build just about anything, and recovered from knee surgery!

Thank you to all those who support, encourage and teach me. Without your help and smiles I wouldn’t be where I am today πŸ™‚

Hope you have a merry holiday and a happy New Year!



4 thoughts on “Thank you for a great 2011

  1. All the best for 2012 Sara !What a great selection of paintings ! Makes me want to start a collection πŸ™‚ gorgeous colors!!!

  2. i says again, i enjoy the view, but selfish as it may be, my hope for 2012 is the balance that comes from allowing some of the darker colours of your life to bleed in. FA

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