Raku warriors


As I mentioned last week, today was my first ever Raku firing…very exciting, exhausting and rewarding!!

Louisa and Ronna led the session which began just after 8:30am and went until 3:30pm. It was cool and misty, which not only influences the results but also the attractiveness of the workers! Old 100% cotton clothes are a must so some of us had to borrow lovely garb from our spouses!


After loading up the kiln (my vase and woven platter were in the first of our 4 loads), we replaced the lid,


prepared garbage pails full of strips of paper and busied ourselves while we waited the 90min it took for the kiln to heat up the first pieces.


Once the kiln reached its desired temperature (I think 1400 degrees F), we all put on our babushkas, coats and heavy gloves ready for the excitement!

Here is Ronna placing one of the red-hot pieces down onto the paper…then up go the flames…and on goes the bucket.



Some of the more experienced raku potters also tried “naked raku” which is done with a special slip, wrapped in paper, and placed in a wire basket…very cool! Recognize me in the orange shirt and babushka?!


And as we waited for our pieces to heat up, we snacked on delicious potluck crudites.


All in all a very exhilirating, somewhat exhausting and fun day…and although I haven’t had a chance to finish cleaning and waxing some of my pieces here are some of them.


Thanks to Louisa and Ronna and Mariana for a great day!

Have you ever tried raku?


One thought on “Raku warriors

  1. Wow Sara, didn’t realize all the steps in creating with Raku – you stuff looks great! Way to go and thanks for sharing!

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