Hand-building heaven!


In the mid-90s I took up pottery to relieve the stress of graduate school. I learned to throw pots and cups on the wheel, a bit about glazing…mostly it was down-time from all the reading and studying. Then I had my kids and time ran out!

This past spring, encouraged by my friend Ronna Ander who paints beautiful abstracts and has also been running a pottery studio for 20 odd years, I decided to have some fun hand-building.

I love the peaceful airyness of the studio and the feel of the clay in my hands…I’ve tried white, red and now a really grainy F95 wet-sand colored clay that I’d admired in the work of Margit Nellemann.


I’ve made platters, a tea set, pendants, bowls of all sizes and tried many glazes though I do have my favorites (satin matte and shimmer green).


I’ve also met other wonderful potters and sculptors who frequent the studio and offer tips and share secrets…they are an eclectic multicultural group who love to come together to play with clay! Its a great complement to abstract painting!


Next week I’ll be taking part in my first Raku firing…stay tuned!

I’m in hand-building heaven! Have you given it a try?


2 thoughts on “Hand-building heaven!

  1. Ronna is a phenominal teacher/mentor. She has a positive attitude that deplenishes negativity. I will surely be back for one of Ronnas’ inspirational classes.

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