Inspiration for figures


Last week I was chatting with a friend who asked me where I get my inspiration from for my abstracts. How do I come up with some of the works I produce? A question which might be bewilderment or awe!

I do paint from my gut, with colors and textures I enjoy and just let the work unfold through intuition until satisfaction and balance are created. However I am definitely inspired by other artists and so thought I’d share with you a few of the works which, maybe subliminally, guided me in some way for the piece above called Always on my Mind (48×36).

I discovered Jylian Gustlin’s work a few years ago and love her colors and abstract figures.


Suzanne Northcott was a teacher of mine and continues to inspire with her figurative work and philosophy. Here she is with one of her works during a workshop in Whistler.


Below is one of Riyadh Hashim‘s paintings which I am fortunate enough to have hanging in my dining room, a surprise gift from my husband! I particularly love the boldness of his colors and the incompleteness of the work which invites the viewer to engage and enjoy the journey of discovery.


Where do you get your inspiration?



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