Montreal’s vibrant art scene!


Last week I went to my hometown of Montreal to visit family and friends…on my own. It was a different experience from my trip there this summer as this time I had time for exploring several art venues, time to savour long chats with family, and time to reconnect with old high school friends. It was time for me, to create space, to see art and to relax. I feel rejuvenated!

One of the art venues I spent 5 hours in was the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts which had just opened a new wing built onto the back of a church. A beautiful space now housing more of the museums historical collection including some of my favorite Quebec abstract artists Paul-Emile Borduas (1905-1960) and Jean-Paul Riopelle (1923-2002). I loved discovering how they influenced each other and seeing the transitions of their work over time.


I also had the opportunity to see some amazing contemporary works as I visited several galleries. On Greene Avenue, Galerie de Bellefeuille was exhibiting some recent abstract works by Jean-Francois Provost and some lush florals by Jennifer Hornyak


And down the street at Galerie D’Este mixed media artist Dominik Sokolowski‘s intriguing collages hung in the beautiful open space, while downstairs my friend Camille wanted me to see the beautiful and intricate drawings of Jean-Pierre Laroque.


Finally on my last day, I visited a new friend who recently purchased my “Within Reason” painting (at the top fo the post). She’d only seen a picture of it on my website, loved the vibrant colors and then decided she wanted it! It was wonderful to see it in its new home. Thanks for the invitation!




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