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November 2011

Hand-building heaven!

In the mid-90s I took up pottery to relieve the stress of graduate school. I learned to throw pots and cups on the wheel, a bit about glazing...mostly it was down-time from all the reading and studying. Then I had my kids and time ran out! This pa...

Connecting at the Culture Crawl

Last Friday was a very auspicious day: First I found out that my painting Hanging in There (10x10, above) won an Award of Excellence at the Small, Smaller, Smallest show at the Federation Gallery. Very exciting news!! Second I attended the much an...

Inspiration for figures

Last week I was chatting with a friend who asked me where I get my inspiration from for my abstracts. How do I come up with some of the works I produce? A question which might be bewilderment or awe! I do paint from my gut, with colors and texture...

Montreal’s vibrant art scene!

Last week I went to my hometown of Montreal to visit family and friends...on my own. It was a different experience from my trip there this summer as this time I had time for exploring several art venues, time to savour long chats with family, and ...

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