A blog: autobiography and restrospective


I realized this week that this blog is becoming a great way to capture the chronology of my artistic journey: I will be able to look back on it and have a sense of where I have come from and how different things have possibly influenced me and my work along the way. A bit like an autobiography or a retrospective!

Last week I wondered through the new exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery entitled An Autobiography of our Collection. I was intrigued by the eclectic mix of pieces that the curator Ian Thom pulled out of storage to chronicle the development of the gallery’s assemblage over 80 years. Although I was not surprised to see works by Emily Carr and BC Binning, Ken Lum and Takao Tanabe, there was much I did not know about and now understand a great deal more about the whole process. I especially love the collage by Robert Rauschenberg (below).  As the website declares the collection “reveals the rich and diverse web of stories and ideas which together describe something of this place”.


I was also pointed to Willem de Kooning’s retrospective currently on display at the MoMA. Although I didn’t have the luxury of going to NYC, I could enjoy the whole thing from my couch via the web. You can even see how de Kooning developed some pieces over long periods of time and read about all the unconventional materials he experimented with over his lifetime. I think my favorite is Pirate (below) from 1981 when he was 77!!


What has influenced your artistic journey this week?


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