Does size matter?


About this time every year I start wrapping my head around the idea of painting small. I generally like to paint big, especially of late since I took my course with Steven Aimone. Large canvas, loose strokes, gestural freedom of expression.

However, mid-November the North Vancouver Arts Council gets ready to take in as many as 640 8×8 inch paintings which will be hung in their CityScape Gallery at the end of the month. The Anonymous Art Show is in its 7th year and is a great fundraiser for the Council, with the paintings selling for $100, half of which goes to the artist. The lively opening reception will be November 24th this year and is sure to be a fun night. Last year 178 paintings sold and most I bet were at the opening!

For me, though it has always been a bit of a struggle to create something meaningful on such a small surface. Sometimes I try making a triptych (which doesn’t get placed together at the show!) because at least then I am working with a bigger space (8×24). Composition plays a big role and that is where I will focus this year as well as with some bright colors!

How else can your paintings get noticed in amongst 639 others?!!

And at the same time I am starting 2 large 48×48 paintings…am I crazy??



2 thoughts on “Does size matter?

  1. Crazy? Absolutely not! It is so liberating to work big…and the more pieces going the better. We just had a successful 8 by 8 show for Whistler Arts Council which was fun and successful. Well, look forward to seeing what becomes of those large canvases. I love the little community the 5enses have formed…was nudged over here through Therese. Julie

  2. Hi Julie,Thanks for your comments…I painted 2 more small 8x8s yesterday and am really looking forward to using big gestures and loads of paint on the large one…we do love our 5enses group and the big ones are for a 5enses show at Centennial Theatre in the new year! Stay-tuned!

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