Creative multi-tasking


Multi-tasking is an essential tool to master for most people, especially for parents who try to accomplish a number of tasks efficiently.

For example, yesterday I was at the gym on the bike getting my daily exercise and watching the food network. I lucked into one of my favorite chef shows with Jamie Oliver and I found that not only could I get a few tips for dinner, but I also got a bit more insight into perhaps how and why I love him so much. He is so creative. He’s great about teaching nutrition, but he also plays with texture, color, emotion, and most of all flavor.  And he does so, not with a cookie-cutter recipe but with a real love of play, discovery, risk-taking, and humour. 

He made me realize that that’s what I like to do when I create a new piece. I like to have fun, play with color, texture and line, then I want to stand back to enjoy the whole, to see something different each time, discover a hidden pocket, all the while connecting to the work somehow through a memory, a feeling, a sensation.

Today, while at the gym, I read my book, Lisa Genova’s latest called Left Neglected. This is also about multi-tasking, though more about the potential negative effects of trying to cram too much into your life, while not paying enough attention to those around who matter most.

I hope I understand the healthy proportions for balancing time between my art and my family.

Do you multi-task? 


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